The perfect rythm between nature, man and his canoe. In Portobelo and surrounding areas you’ll find several options: rivers, beaches, mangroves… Choose to be guided by our local experts or on your own. We provide you with all the necessary equipment and transportation (boat, drybag, safety jacket).

Kayak or Cayuco?

Depending on the area you choose, you may have the option of a plastic kayak or the “Cayuco”, the local hand-made canoe made of one single piece of wood. The kayak is commonly known for being an easy drive for beginners, while the Cayuco offer a whole’nother experience: faster and better shaped, with a few pointers and a 15′ practice you’ll be ready to be on your way.


Portobelo: Visit to the San Fernando fort, paddling in the the rivers and visit the mangroves. Duration 3 hours aprox. Price $20.

Rio Cascajal: A 3 hour river tour in Portobelo, good for birdwatching; price $20

Rio Guanche: A tour into the an easy river, wide and calm. Duration: 5 hrs aprox. Includes taxi transportation from/to Portobelo. Price $40

Rio Piedra: A 5 hours tour into the rio Piedra , starting from the sea; includes taxi transportation from/to Portobelo. Price $40

Rio Indio and beaches: Starting at Indio river, paddling to its undiscovered beaches. 5 hrs aprox. Includes snorkeling equipment, taxi transportation from/to Portobelo. Price $40

Available departures

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PortobeloIn the innermost part of a bay with calm waters, Portobelo is a small town of great historical interest. Here are some ruins of the colonial period, such as the battery of Santiago de la Gloria, San Geronimo, San Fernando and the Royal Customs, which in the seventeenth and eighteenth century welcomed goods from Spain Read more