Rainforest Tours in Panama: Portobelo National Park

Portobelo National Park: Rainforest Tour

Visiting the Portobelo National Park is the best way to get in touch with the tropical rainforest in Panama, an experience for all ages, an immersion into the generous nature is waiting you, 2 hours away from Panama City.

With its total area of 34,846 hectares and 70 kms of coast with palm trees and rich coral reefs, the Portobelo National Park is one of the most important park on the caribbeans, with a unique and amazing biodiversity and the typical tropical rainforest with year round rainfalls.

The huge harpy eagle (Panama’s national bird), jaguars, sloths, , iguanas, deers, frogs, tapirs, armadillos, snakes , anteaters,parrots, butterflies, to name just a few of many living treasures of the tropical rainforest.

Panamore organises many activities in the Portobelo National Park in order to connect you with this unique habitat:

Medicine plants tour: Hiking in the forest with local guides while discovering plants, flowers and fruits, their use and their medicinal effects.
duration 3-4 hours prices starting at 20

Hiking: Walking into the tropical rainforest crossing rivers, visiting astonishing natural pools and waterfalls.
duration 3 hours
prices starting at 30

Horseback riding: A quiet horseback ride in nature

A tour to the most particular natural beauty of the area. , passing through beautiful scenery surrounded by rivers and waterfalls and the magic that give the majestic animal.

duration from 3 to 6 hours
prices starting at 45

Kayak tours: Paddling in the rivers of Portobelo and the around, mangroves, flowers, birdwatching and a lot of fun !
duration from 2 to 6 hours
prices starting at 30


Tropical Rainforest : Keys and features


The environment of rain forests is ideal for plants: An estimated two-thirds of the world’s plant species grow in the rain forest.

Panama’s tropical habitats are home to some of the most diverse and exotic species of plants and animals on Earth.
The forest covers around 58% of the total land area of Panama (4.3 mln. ha, or 16,500 square miles)

Panama houses over 9,915 different types of plant species including 1,200 orchid varieties, 678 fern species and 1,500 varieties of trees. As well as 218 species of mammals, 242 species of reptiles, 182 species of amphibians and 972 indigenous bird species.

The “biological corridor” is the reason for such ecological abundance in Panama, dividing the Pacific Ocean from the Caribbean Sea and the two continents (South and North America).

The rain forest helps humanity as a store of biodiversity and a regulator of global climate patterns

The rain forest is nearly self-watering. Plants release water into the atmosphere through a process called transpiration. In the tropics, each canopy tree can release about 200 gallons (760 liters) of water each year. The moisture helps create the thick cloud cover that hangs over most rain forests. Even when not raining, these clouds keep the rain forest humid and warm.

The tropical rain forest are important for the medicines that can be used in foods, cosmetics, and medicines.The National Cancer Institute estimates that 70 percent of the anti-cancer plants identified so far are rain forest plants.

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